Stress: A Modern Day Killer
if you believe that!

Not managing and coping with the 'little stuff' and common, yet difficult life events, have emerged as one of the most significant contributors to accidents, loss of memory, the decline in health, and even, heart disease and
cancer. When stress is prolonged or ignored, the body, relationships, productivity, and our lives are deeply affected.

But is this true?

The experience of being stressed is very personal, as is how we stress, and more importantly, what we believe about stress. Research at Stanford reports that if we believe that stress is bad, it does effect the heart and immunity more so than if we allow the emotions and then take actions. People report the same amount of stressors, but the people who had more casual beliefs that it will pass or it just is had reduced heart damage and other influences. This is a pause for the cause! Here are some other things to consider:

First, we are conditioned by family and culture on how to stress and what are to be considered stressors. Example: Mom is afraid of storms, children can learn to become afraid of storms.

Symptoms vary from person to person and are dependent on many factors -- mental conditioning, personal resources, culture, family, lifestyle, and the health of your mind/body. Basically, what happens in your life and how you responded to the events -- your beliefs, inner resources, and external support system, will determine how you cope and manage in the long term.

Dramatic and unwanted shifts in life can appear suddenly and can be confusing because we want life to always be going well. Current stressors can awaken old feelings and patterns and you feel added psychological, physical and environmental stress in your life all over again. 

Not to be ignored, generational stress, trauma, and stressful events can surface during critical milestones, transitions, ages or events, and have a profound effect on your life whether you want to realize the connection or not. Some of these stressors are repeat burdens of the family ancestry.

Examples of stress that can impact our lives:
CURRENT DAY: Money and business losses, grief, "giving too much," fears, sadness, worry, accidents, trauma, illness, surgery, conflicts, fights, a psychiatric diagnosis, to name a few.
ANCESTRAL (Inherited patterns and trauma): a mother who died young; granddad failed in his career too; three family members who committed suicide; aunts and uncles with addictions, childhood abuse, emotional and lifestyle patterns, rejected family members, illnesses, the age of trauma, to name a few.

Symptoms of Stress: Any pain, discomfort or changes in the body, mind, emotions, behaviors, and lifestyle that influences your well-being.

Reasons you might call for an appointment: Worries, fears & phobias, divorce, personal struggles, money & business blocks, work & career conflicts, grief & loss, accidents & trauma.

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